The new chapter — Siege Battle

The development of a new game and the exploration of a new gaming mode is a hard process, and we have been doing our best to make the game online as soon as possible. To accelerate the development and get the game online sooner, we adjusted our roadmap a bit and decided to deliver Siege Battle instead of Arena Battle as the first launch of the game.

As we mentioned before, Siege Battle is a game mode that pets may occupy some territories on a map by fighting the boss of each territory. The pets who beat the boss can farm tokens from the territory.

Here are some more details about Siege Battle.

1.There are 20 caves on the map, and each cave has a guarding boss. Players can challenge the boss of the cave with their battle pet. Once a pet wins the battle, the pet can be staked in the cave and farms $fruit from the cave, in which $fruit can be used to feed the pets and enhance the battle power of the pets.

2. All the caves share a mining pool, but the ROI of each cave is different. The stronger the guarding boss, the higher ROI of the cave.

3.It consumes 20 points of stamina of the pet for each challenge, and the pet recovers 10 points of stamina per hour.

4.The probability of winning is related to the pet’s battle power. The higher the battle power, the more chance to win.

Winning probability = Pet Battle Power/(Pet Battle Power + Boss Battle Power)

Siege Battle is our innovative attempt in this new field of GameFi. There will be more game modes coming out later. We hope you all will like it and will give us your valuable feedback.

Hatch, grow, battle with your beloved pets

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