Pet Eggs Hatching into Formal Battle Pets

After weeks of hard and busy development work, the Battle Pets game has finally made great progress. We know that all our supporters are also looking forward to it. So let me introduce the new game features we have recently developed.

1. Egg Hatching:

There is a ‘Hatch’ button on the ‘Pet Shop’ page, if players click the button, the pet egg will hatch into a new pet, which contains the following attributes:

a. Battle Power: The higher battle power, the greater the chance of winning

b. Experience: Battle power increases by 1 for every 100 experience gained

c. Stamina: Representing HP, max is 100

2. Installing/uninstalling equipment.

Weapons and other equipment can be put on the player’s battle pet. Weapon and equipment improve Battle Power while pets wear them, and can be installed and uninstalled. Only weapons and equipment that are in an idle state can be equipped.

There 4 inventory space for 4 types of equipment that can be equipped to the player’s pet:

Weapon: the weapon currently equipped

Shield: the shield currently equipped

Helmet: the helmet currently equipped

Armor: the armor currently equipped

3. Purchasing pet:

Players may buy battle pets with $PET/$BAKE.

If a player buying a battle pet with $PET, 1PET = 1 battle power, Getting 0.9PET back after abandoning the pet.

If a player buying a battle pet with $BAKE, the battle power is calculated based on the real-time $BAKE price, and 90% of the $BAKE will give back after abandoning the pet.

4. Feeding Pets:

Players can also feed pets, pet feeding consumes $PET/$BAKE to increase Battle Power temporarily in battle. There are 3 fruits in the game, which are apple, blueberry and grape. Apple increases 100 battle power, blueberry increases 1,000 battle power, grape increases 10,000 battle power.

5. Abandonment:

Battle Pets can also be abandoned for refunding. 90% of the $PET/$BAKE will be refunded after abandonment.

Hatch, grow, battle with your beloved pets

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