Introducing the 1st GameFi on BSC — Battle Pets

Defi is undoubtedly the hottest innovation in the cryptocurrency world this year and one of the most promising directions of blockchain application. But the current DeFi prospect is not very clear, it needs some brave explorations. To this end, our team made a bold attempt on the new direction of DeFi — GameFi, which is gamification finance and a new gamification business. Here, I would like to introduce you a new generation of GameFi game — BATTLE PETS.

What is Battle Pets

‘Battle Pets’ is a brand new blockchain-based pet battle game, which is a game of incubating, growing, fighting, and exchanging pets. Players can purchase pet eggs in the game through the Binance smart chain, incubate and grow, fight and farm, obtain and trade weapons and equipment.

Players, as pet trainers, can obtain different pets and grow them to make them stronger, so that they have the opportunity to defeat opponents and obtain rare items and pet eggs.

PET Token

To achieve the goal of combining Game and Defi, we developed a Gamefi business model. Using PET Token for pets egg purchasing and growing, pets and equipment trading, etc. Players will earn PET tokens from winning battles, completing tasks, and tradings.

The total supply of PET token is 200 million:

8% will be used for IDO through BakerySawp Launchpad

2% will be used for the project operation

90% will be used for GameFi Farming, which is battle awards, complete tasks, etc.


PET IDO will be launched at the best AMM on BSC — BakerySwap, also at on 23rd October 2020 7:00am UTC.

BUSD, BNB and BAKE are accepted, Offering price is 1 PET = 0.03 BUSD. The offering prices of PET to BNB and BAKE are based on the rate of 0.03 BUSD. The Minimum IDO participation amount is 1000 PET.

The IDO will end when the 8% PET tokens are sold out, and if not sold out in a week, we will burn the remaining.

You will get a free pet egg for participating the IDO, the more you contribute, the more ‘Battle Power’ your pet will have. Battle Power is the main indicator of battle pets. The higher Battle Power your pets have, the higher the probability of winning in battles, also the stronger farming ability and more trading value. Contributors are allowed to decide to hatch a battle kitty or a battle puppy or a battle bunny.

PET token will be listed in BakerySwap AMM and trade freely after the IDO.

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