Battle Pets Weapon System Intro

Weapon system is undoubtedly a very important part of a game. A well-designed weapon system can greatly increase the playability of a game. Battle Pets is a brand new game mode as Gamefi that is different from the traditional ones. Therefore, its weapon system must be redesigned with a new perspective and method combined with the concept of DeFi.

In view of the above reasons and principles, we adopted a new idea to design the Battle Pets’ weapon system:

1.Weapon NFT

Weapons are designed as NFTs, so that they have their own pattern design, and at the same time they are convenient to trade and transfer. More importantly, they are given playing scenarios, collective features and actual value.

2.WEAPON Token

A new token called WEAPON is issued in the game, it can be used in forging weapon NFTs in the game. The total supply of WEAPON token is 50 million, generating from farming only. Weapon NFT can be staked for farming WEAPON token.

3.Weapon Forging & Melting

Players may use $BAKE, $PET or $WEAPON token to forge weapon NFT. 90% of the $PET and $BAKE used for forging NFT weapon will be returned when melt, while 90% of the $WEAPON will be burned. The remaining 10% of the tokens are used as casting consumption, and half of the $PET will be burned.

4.Staking Power

Weapons can be equipped to the player’s battle pets to improve their battle-winning possibility. Each weapon has a staking power that measures its battle power. Staking power is the strength of the weapon, and is added to the pet’s battle power to determine the winning probability of battle.

5. Weapon Level

The NFT Weapon has 10 levels from lv1 to lv10, and each level has a different look. The higher-level weapon has higher staking power, and the level can be upgraded with $BAKE, $PET or WEAPON token.

Pick a weapon to arm your pets!

Hatch, grow, battle with your beloved pets

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