As a New Year’s gift, we grandly launch a new game mode — Tournament Battle.

Tournament Battle is a very interesting mode in the game. Battle Pets may show their strength and get ranks through battles. Pet standing at each rank can farm $FRUIT, and the farming speed of each rank decreases from high to low. The higher rank they reach, the more farming speed they get. The challenger may challenge someone who has been ranked, and the winner will occupy the rank.

The details are as follows:

1. There is a Top 50 ranking system in this game mode…

The development of a new game and the exploration of a new gaming mode is a hard process, and we have been doing our best to make the game online as soon as possible. To accelerate the development and get the game online sooner, we adjusted our roadmap a bit and decided to deliver Siege Battle instead of Arena Battle as the first launch of the game.

As we mentioned before, Siege Battle is a game mode that pets may occupy some territories on a map by fighting the boss of each territory. …

After weeks of hard and busy development work, the Battle Pets game has finally made great progress. We know that all our supporters are also looking forward to it. So let me introduce the new game features we have recently developed.

1. Egg Hatching:

There is a ‘Hatch’ button on the ‘Pet Shop’ page, if players click the button, the pet egg will hatch into a new pet, which contains the following attributes:

a. Battle Power: The higher battle power, the greater the chance of winning

b. Experience: Battle power increases by 1 for every 100 experience gained

c. Stamina…

Weapon system is undoubtedly a very important part of a game. A well-designed weapon system can greatly increase the playability of a game. Battle Pets is a brand new game mode as Gamefi that is different from the traditional ones. Therefore, its weapon system must be redesigned with a new perspective and method combined with the concept of DeFi.

In view of the above reasons and principles, we adopted a new idea to design the Battle Pets’ weapon system:

1.Weapon NFT

Weapons are designed as NFTs, so that they have their own pattern design, and at the same time they…

After successfully finishing our IDO along with a series of activities with our partners, our cute pets have more and more fans.

Everyone is curious about how our pets will battle in the game, what their $PET coins can be used for, and how to profit from the game. Now we are here to introduce them.

On the basis of the Binanace Smart chain, many DeFi elements are added to make ‘‘Battle Pets’’ not only a game, but also a finanical product, which we call it ‘GameFi’.

‘Battle Pets’ is not one game, but a series of games, which will…

We are excited to have our NFT pet eggs listing on BakerySwap NFT Supermarket. But there are a few things you need to know before trading the pet eggs.

  1. The reference price of a pet egg is proportional to its battle power, so don’t buy a pet egg at a ridiculous price at the NFT market.
  2. Though now there are only a few hundred pet eggs available on the market, you will be able to obtain ones in a few different ways in the game, including purchasing with $PET.
  3. The key to benefiting from your pets is to train your pets in the game, make them more valuable, and then sell them to the market. So the pet eggs we gave IDO participants for free are not the supreme ones.

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Defi is undoubtedly the hottest innovation in the cryptocurrency world this year and one of the most promising directions of blockchain application. But the current DeFi prospect is not very clear, it needs some brave explorations. To this end, our team made a bold attempt on the new direction of DeFi — GameFi, which is gamification finance and a new gamification business. Here, I would like to introduce you a new generation of GameFi game — BATTLE PETS.

What is Battle Pets

‘Battle Pets’ is a brand new blockchain-based pet battle game, which is a game of incubating, growing, fighting…

Battle Pets

Hatch, grow, battle with your beloved pets

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